UZH in Numbers

After years of strong growth, the number of students at UZH leveled out in 2022, while the number of people employed at UZH saw a slight increase. The university’s income statement recorded an annual profit of CHF 3.5 million. An overview of UZH’s facts and figures for the 2022 reporting year.

Students Statistics

Number of students remains high

Student numbers are trending back to normal following years of pandemic uncertainty. The number of Master’s students continued to rise. Explore more of UZH’s student figures in our interactive diagrams.


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Staff Statistics

Slight increase in staff numbers

Employee and teaching staff numbers are slightly up compared to the previous year. The percentage of female professors increased by around five percentage points. Explore more of UZH’s staff figures in our interactive diagrams.

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Annual financial statements

Total revenue at UZH increased to CHF 1.58 billion, and the university’s income statement recorded an annual profit of CHF 3.5 million. Income from third-party funding reached a new peak in 2022, with CHF 366 million. Explore more of UZH’s financial figures in our interactive diagrams and tables.

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